Installation Manual


**Installation Includes the following Materials:

Wireless CPE (with Routing Enabled)

Upto 12mtrs Cat 5e Ethernet Cable

Power Over Ethernet Injector

Power Adapter

Additional Note:

Additional Ethernet switch is required if more than one computers are connected via Ethernet LAN Cable.

Wi-Fi AP has to be installed if want to connected wireless device like Wi-Fi enabled Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop etc.

The total Installation amount may increase depend on the additional device that has to be installed depending on the requirement of the user. (Ex: Additional - Ethernet Wire, Ethernet Switch or WIFI Router etc.).

Contention Ratio: 1:20.

No of simultaneous login allowed from a single location: 1.

No of device registrations allowed : 2 to 10 (Or More Depend on the Data Plan).

Upload speed will be 25% of download speed.

Ethernet Switch Application

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